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Federal government strategy for resource efficiency and renewable energies

In order to sustainably enhance Switzerland’s innovative strength in the cleantech sector, the Federal Council adopted a combined package of measures consisting of implementation and review orders which will be carried out by various Departments. As a whole these measures form the ‘Federal government strategy for resource efficiency and renewable energies’.


Main areas of focus

These policy recommendations are structured according to five areas of focus.

  • Research/knowledge and technology transfer: Strengthen the cleantech knowledge base and improve knowledge and technology transfer between higher education institutions and the business community.
  • Regulation and market-based grant programmes: Create incentives for  innovation by introducing regulatory instruments that are compatible with the market economy and lift barriers to innovation.
  • International markets: Strengthen the global competitive positioning of the cleantech economy by promoting Swiss exports and Switzerland as an economic hub.
  • Cleantech innovation environment: Create or further develop economic conditions which encourage innovation.
  • Competencies: Strengthen Switzerland's competitive position by increasing the number of qualified specialists and R&D personnel at all levels of education and training.

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