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Federal government measures

Federal government measures also take account of the results of the Cleantech Master Plan consultation with interested economic, political and scientific parties in March 2011. The universally accepted proposals largely form the basis of the federal government measures.

Area of action: Research/Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT)

  • Improve coordination between instruments to promote resource efficiency and renewable energies.
  • Improve coordination in promotion of KTT institutions within the federal administration and with the cantons and make funding more transparent.
  • Encourage promotion of pilot and demonstration projects in the field of green technologies.
  • Continue to develop model national competence centres and improve links between institutions.
  • Encourage further research into innovative solutions so that the raw materials strategy can be expanded.

Area of action: Regulation

  • Make active use of opportunities in procurement within the federal administration and in the cantons by purchasing environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products in order to promote innovative, low-resource technologies.
  • Compile information on the best efficiency standards (technological progress in electrical goods).
  • Draw up an inventory of the main federal and cantonal regulations hindering innovation in resource-efficiency terms and of the main private sector standards.
  • Extend compulsory recycling to a broader range of resource-relevant products.
  • Develop model projects (showcase projects) including funding models and coordinate these with international initiatives.

Area of action: International Markets

  • Strengthen interdepartmental cooperation in foreign economic policy in the fields of environment and energy.

Area of action: Cleantech innovation environment

  • Establish feasibility of drawing up statistics on cleantech.
  • Identify obstacles to the funding of company start-ups and innovation and develop proposals for improvement.

Area of action: Education and training

  • Implement recommendations of the MINT report in the BFI-dispatch 2013–2016.
  • Launch a ‘resource and energy saving’ ideas competition at all levels of education.
  • Review all vocational education and training (VET) courses in terms of resource efficiency and renewable energies and provide support to VET partners.
  • Examine possibility of creating a continuing education and training (CET) programme in resource efficiency and renewable energies.
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