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About cleantech

Where environmental and economic interests converge

Low energy consumption, sustainable use of resources, limited environmental impact: clean products and efficient processes are the future. The cleantech sector offers Swiss businesses enormous growth potential.
The world’s largest solar-powered catamaran is operated on Lake Biel (BSG Bielersee-Schifffahrts-Gesellschaft AG.)
In the past, environmental and economic interests often ran counter to one another. Today, a new paradigm has emerged: with climate change, depletion of raw materials and pollution, the need for sustainable products and efficient processes has become even more pressing: environmental protection is now an economic factor.

Global and national challenges

The global consumption of fossil fuels, water, air, land and rare raw materials will continue to increase in the future. The world’s population is rising steadily and emerging countries such as China, Brazil, Russia and India are growing at a breathtaking pace. With greater prosperity comes changing consumption patterns and increased mobility.

Such developments also have an impact on Switzerland: climate change can cause flooding, heat waves and glacial melt; depletion of raw materials leads to price increases; changing environmental conditions can also intensify migration pressures.

Tapping into economic potential

In order to deal with these challenges, new approaches are needed to preserve natural resources, reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency and decrease costs. We have only begun to make use of this potential.

Cleantech is at the heart of this process of change, which is why it is perceived as a future driver of the economy. With increasing competition, Swiss businesses can use cleantech to strategically position themselves on world markets. With its high capacity for innovation, Switzerland can not only contribute to overcoming global challenges, it can also create new jobs, income and prosperity while doing so. We need to take advantage of this opportunity: the Federal Administration therefore devised the Cleantech Masterplan for the purpose of establishing the general conditions needed to foster cleantech.

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